Saint Victor

Saint Victor is a self-taught artist who developed his skill set after a life altering experience in 2002.


“I began to go through the very frightening and painful process of evolving beyond my religious tradition. It was this journey, and the experience that led me to this endeavor. Now, having lived through the proverbial dark night of the soul – and come to the realization that what I used to believe was the “be all to end all” when it came to God and the hereafter – was only a tiny microcosm of a much bigger and much more magnificent consciousness. The stories come to me first through experience and study, then I let the vision of the image take shape as I simply stare out into space from a hot bath. I take notes. Then I put it on canvas. “


 Since this experience, he has been creating extremely imaginative works that ride the line between fine art and illustration.  Each piece provides imaginary spaces full of hidden meanings and references to mythology and other spiritual concepts.  He masterfully melds the real and surreal, his bold and beautiful characters grace the walls of some of the most majestic estates as well as the humble abodes of those who have likewise been moved by the brooding sensuality of these works of art, each a virtual novel unto itself.


Saint Victor is also an internationally syndicated cartoonist under another name. His daily comic panel, Pardon My Planet, is published by King Features Syndicate and distributed to over 150 daily newspapers throughout the United States and Canada.

An animal activist, he also donates a percentage of each sale to Underdog Rescue for the rescue and rehabilitation of "death row" shelter dogs.