Simonini was born in China in 1981.  His fascination with comics and illustrations came at an early age and inspired many of his early works.  These are still his main sources of inspiration. 

With encouragement from his parents, Simonini continued his art education and graduated with a concentration in oil painting. 

His most common subject matter are animals you would likely see on a farm.  Cows, pigs, goats, and roosters can all be found in his collection of works.  Simonini has a unique way of capturing these animals.  He doesn’t just paint these animals, he creates a portrait, including personality and emotion in each piece. 

Simonini is enjoying his new found popularity in his paintings. This celebration of his work has been well received in exhibitions in China, Europe, Great Britain, and North America.  His American debut during Art Expo New York, attracted numerous new collectors and many notable commissions.